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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh God, Save Ling's Soul

It is Christmas Day and I put on my best suit and took my Mandarin Chinese Tracts to my favorite Chinese Buffet. They are open on Christmas because Christmas is not a holiday they celebrate since they do not understand its significance. Its the China Sea Buffet on Hwy 360 situated halfway between my workplace and my home - about 10 minutes away.

I started eating lunch there every day about 3 months ago and. As I say grace before I eat, the curiosity of the staff has been aroused and I have been asked if I am a missionary, and if I work at a church. The staff members speak little English so a short simple answer is about all I can give. But God, who is rich in mercy, has begun to to give me His heart for these precious people. I have been able by His grace to befriend them and they have begun to attempt more detailed communications. God has now completely broken my heart to reach them for Christ's sake. I have been begging God for their precious souls for weeks now.

Recently, I ordered some nice new tracts from Chick Publications which came in on Christmas Eve - Praise the LORD. There are four different tracts, each presenting the gospel in a different way, in Mandarin Chinese.

I took some of the tracts in at lunch yesterday and the hostess took one and read it, and VOLUNTEERED to pass them out to staff so I gave her about a dozen. Her name is Trista, and she may already be saved because she knows a lot about what Jesus did, but I am not sure. Then I laid some out on my table and one of the male staff saw and asked if he could have one. Glory to God!

Today, Ling was working. She is the first one I had given other tracts to in the past, with little feedback. She is very kind and very humble, and her English is a little better than my Chinese, but not much.

I have taken my Sunday School class there for a special occasion, requesting Ling's services, and leaving a nice tip. Today, I left her a tract called THE GIFT, along with a nice tip for her Christmas gift and a note that Jesus loves her. I pray through the tracts and the generosity and the kindness and the witness that they all will come to understand why Christmas is so significant to those of us who have experienced the mercy and forgiveness that we have in Christ - In whom we have redemption, through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.

Dear Lord,
Please Oh God save Ling's soul. Father in heaven, she no more deserves salvation that I, but you reached down into the miry clay and rescued me from the pit, having ransomed me with your own precious blood. Oh God, please do the same for Ling. Don't let her end up in hell for all eternity. See my tears oh God and pour out your mercy upon her. Communicate to her, even though I cannot, what is the depth and beauty of your holiness and grace. Let her see the GIFT that is available to all who believe. Your word says if we go forth and weep bearing precious seed, we shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing our sheaves with us. Oh merciful God, all I want for Christmas is Ling's precious soul. You decided in eternity past that you wanted her soul when you knew that you would provide YOURSELF a lamb. Oh God, don't let me show up in heaven without Ling being there too. God save her, even today. Don't let my tears fall in vain.
For Christ sake.


Tori said...

Oh Bro. Sam, I'm praying with you for Ling. Your post was so touching, bringing me to tears for Ling but more so for you and your love for others.
God bless you Bro. Sam!

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